Let Us Help

Eventually your watch, ring or necklace is going to need a little love. That’s where our full menu of services comes in.

  • Expert diamond setting
  • Ring sizing
  • Polish and refurbishing
  • Prong re-tipping
  • Complimentary engraving on men’s bands purchased with us
  • Pearl re-stringing
  • Buy gold
  • Accept trade-ins
  • Jewelry cleanings
  • Batteries, leather watch straps, pins, bracelet adjustment

The recent addition of a laser welder to the Kruger’s workshop has dramatically expanded our jewelers’ ability to repair and re-build intricate pieces in most metals. We also tighten stones, set diamonds, re-tip prongs, re-string pearls and re-size rings. All engagement rings purchased at Kruger’s come with a complimentary sizing.

Kruger’s also provides a free refurbish on all engagement rings purchased with us. This refinishing process ensures that your engagement ring shines as bright as your wedding ring on the big day. We suggest you bring your engagement ring in to be refurbished one or two weeks before the wedding.

Kruger’s recommends having the diamond settings in all your jewelry checked at least twice a year to avoid damage or loss. Come in for complimentary inspections and jewelry cleanings to keep your finest pieces in sparkling good shape.

Men’s bands purchased in the store can be engraved at no charge. Kruger’s also buys gold, accepts trade-ins and provides written appraisals for insurance purposes. David Kruger handles all appraisals, including appraising jewelry bought elsewhere.