As you can see, the clarity scale goes from flawless to I3. Diamonds from VS1 (very slightly imperfect of the first degree) to flawless are, for all intents and purposes, going to appear the same to the naked eye. The difference, in my opinion, between VS1 and VVS1 (very very slightly imperfect to the first degree) almost don’t exist in terms of value. That is, the increased cost isn’t justified by the slight difference in better clarity achieved. For those who want a very clean diamond, VS2 is a good choice. It should be absolutely eye clean. When viewed under 10X magnification, it should be difficult to see any imperfection, though they would be seen with some professional help. An SI1 (slightly imperfect to the first degree) diamond is also eye clean, but the imperfections will be more readily discernable under inspection. Some SI2 diamonds are eye clean. The classic SI2 diamond is, typically, eye clean on initial naked-eye inspection. When viewed under 10X magnification, the inclusions should easily be seen. After you have seen the diamond under magnification and taken a second look with your naked eye, you will normally see the inclusion because you know what it looks like and where to look. Diamonds that are graded I1, I2 and I3 will have increasing amounts of imperfections.


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